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There are many critical challenges facing our world at this time, from poverty and climate change to conflict and inequality. While the rise in civil society initiatives and “track two” diplomatic efforts are complementing the work of governments in the search for solutions to our world’s most pressing problems we cannot just wait for their successes to trickle down to the community level. Too many friends and neighbors are suffering.

The New World Co-op was set up in 2008 as a network of Local Co-ops with the goal of addressing these  issues at the community level.

Each Local Co-op engages in community service projects, with a special focus on education programs for family and youth as a way to illustrate how adherence to universal core values is the way to solve problems.

Once a critical number of Local Co-ops across the country have experienced the benefits of living and working centered upon universal core values, we will have created a grass roots organization of incomparable effectiveness in resolving the many challenges facing our nation.